Project objectives

The objectives of EQIP are :

• To review curricula and educational methods for selected study programmes and courses at MAK, UR and UiA in order to facilitate student mobility, credit transfer and alignment with the requirements of the global job market.
• To increase faculty competence for developing and delivering flexible and engaging curricula relevant for the 21st century global job market
• To establish and implement a framework for mutual student mobility to undertake select course works
• Placements, field work and research within partner countries in order to enable co-creation of knowledge and solutions for the society of the present and the future.
• To establish and implement a framework for mutual staff mobility to create and deliver joint courses, co-supervise students’ projects so as to produce globally competitive graduates with a global mindset as part of their professional and social culture, and
• Sustainability, environment, gender perspectives and inclusion and mutual respect.


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