Students Evaluation of Module Teaching and Learning Form

08 Jan 2020

The Student Evaluation of Teaching and Learning (SETL) is one of several mechanisms used as an overall strategy for improving student learning. It serves to improve instruction, the learning environment, as well as to evaluate the performance of the lecturers. This online survey will help to improve the managing of evaluation of large classes.

For the SETL to be effective,

1.The SETL exercise shall be mandatory for all students.

2.The SETL will be administered as an online survey and it shall be completed in class using personal computers and/or smart phones.

3. Students should know that their responses to the evaluation form are important and will be used only for purposes of improving and enhancing teaching and learning.

4. Evaluations shall normally be completed towards the end of contribution of teaching of each Lecturer.

5. Students shall NOT indicate their names in this SETL survey ; the survey shall be administered through the link uploaded on UR Website.

6. Each Head of Department, in collaboration with the respective College Director of Teaching and Learning Enhancement (DTLE) shall be fully responsible for the successful operation and coordination of the SETL.

7.Once the relevant offices have collected responses, the CTLEO shall send the Survey Analysis to the School Management for distribution to departments for discussion and action.

8. The School management will within two weeks of the end of the evaluation, prepare an overall report for the attention of the College Teaching and Learning (CTL) Committee for further discussion and recommendations to the College Academic Council (CAC).

9. The submitted recommendations from the CTL Committee shall include a proposal for further action (an action plan) for the deliberation and approval by the CAC. Thereafter the DTLE shall prepare an Action Plan on improvement and enhancement of the teaching and learning and shall be responsible for its implementation.

10. The Dean shall be tasked with encouraging teaching staff to address the constructive criticism provided in students’ feedback, as an important part of self-improvement in teaching.

School of Education

 Department of Foundations, Management and Curriculum Studies

-Department of MCPE

-Department of Humanities and Language Education

-Department of Early Childhood&Primary Education

School of Inclusive and Special Needs Education

-Department of Special Needs Education Studies

African Centre of Excellence for Innovative Teaching and Learning Mathematics and Science (ACEITLMS)


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