School of Inclusive and Special Needs Education

Dr Karangwa Evariste

Welcome note

The office of Dean of the School of Inclusive and Special Needs Education has the pleasure of welcoming you all. The school is one of the two Schools that constitute the University of Rwanda-College of Education (UR-CE). It was established in 2014) with the objective of addressing the growing demands of the Rwandan society, on issues related to needs of children and youths with disabilities and other Special Educational Needs in Rwandan schools and the general Community.

Though the school continues to be preoccupied with its initial stages of developing its capacity to deliver quality services long awaited for, procuring training resources, developing teaching programs and planning etc.., its input to the College of Education’s mission to positively change the landscape for the Rwandan high education sector, remains the foundational obligation.

The school is thus focused on reinforcing Inclusive Education within the Rwandan Education system through sustained and contextualized capacity building, framed within the College of Education’s responsibilities as a Higher Learning Institution, including : Training quality educators, research and community support, and networking with partners in Inclusive & Special Needs Education.

The office of the Dean and all the staff of the School of Inclusive & Special Needs Education will continue to foster interactive collaborations with resourceful stakeholders, and to welcome constructive contributions to far-reaching and sustainable solutions to the Special Educational Needs of children and youths in Rwandan schools and communities.

Associate Professor Karangwa Evariste
Dean, School of Inclusive & Special Needs Education

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