Launch of the Training of the New Cohort for CPD-ITMS for Maths and Science Teachers

30 Jun 2024

A section of HTs participating in Sensitisation on CPD-ITMS program

To strengthen STEM education in Rwanda, the University of Rwanda-College of Education (UR-CE) partnered with the Rwanda Basic Education Board (REB) under the Rwanda Quality Basic Education for Human Capital Development (RQBEHCD) project Sub-component 1.2. On June 29, 2024, in Musanze District, they organized a one-day Sensitization Workshop attended by approximately 100 head teachers from 16 districts where the project is active. This workshop marked the launch of the training for the new cohort of the Continuous Professional Development in Innovative Teaching Mathematics and Science (CPD-ITMS) Programme, aimed at empowering Maths and Science teachers with modern teaching methodologies. The initiative sets the stage for cohort 3 (2024), scheduled to commence during the 2024 school holidays.

In his remarks, Mr. Eric Budederi, the Project Manager, emphasized the goal of enhancing STEM education through CPD-ITMS and preparing for the upcoming launch of cohort 3. He highlighted the importance of this initiative in improving the quality of STEM education in Rwanda and praised the active collaboration with the UR-CE, acknowledging their staff’s dedication to the successful implementation of the projects.

Mr. Budederi stressed the critical role of continuous professional development in equipping teachers with innovative teaching methodologies and tools necessary for fostering a robust STEM education framework. He also emphasized to the school leaders that the books, materials, and equipment supplied to their schools are intended to actively enhance teaching and learning, not to be stored away passively. He expressed confidence that the CPD-ITMS program would empower educators and ultimately benefit students, aligning with the broader objectives of the RQBEHCD project.

Mr. Eric Budederi, the Project Manager( RQBEHCD) addressing HTs in attendance

Prof. Pheneas Nkundabakura, the Team Leader of Sub-component 1.2, provided an insightful presentation on the project’s milestones and strategic objectives. He detailed the scope of the RQBEHCD Project and its role in advancing professional development for Mathematics and Science teachers. Prof. Nkundabakura introduced the tailored CPD programs focusing on innovative teaching methods, underscoring the significance of in-service training and support through Communities of Practice (CoPs) and Professional Learning Communities (PLCs). He discussed the pivotal role of head teachers in facilitating CPD initiatives and supporting teachers.

Prof. Nkundabakura also presented the achievements from Cohorts 1 and 2 in enhancing teaching Math and Science. He identified key challenges and provided strategic recommendations, including fostering community practices and advocating for improved infrastructure.

He emphasized the importance of continuous professional development, aligning STEM instruction with labor market demands, and integrating ICT into educational practices. Prof. Nkundabakura explained the Theory of Change for Sub-component 1.2, outlining the strategic approach towards achieving the project’s educational goals.

Prof. Pheneas Nkundabakura, Team Leader (RQBEHCD Sub-component 1.2) provided an insightful presentation on the project’s milestones and strategic objectives.

Dr. Theophile Nsengimana, the Deputy Team Leader, provided an in-depth overview of the CPD-ITMS Programme, detailing its structure and objectives. He emphasized the program’s dedication to enhancing teaching methodologies and the integration of modern instructional tools, such as ICT, into the curriculum. This approach aims to equip teachers with the skills and resources needed to deliver high-quality STEM education, fostering a more interactive and engaging learning environment for students.

Dr.Theophile Nsengimana, the Deputy Team Leader, provided an in-depth overview of the CPD-ITMS Programme.

Madam Eugenie Uwamariya, the Project Math and Science Specialist, interacted with participants focusing on the critical role of school leaders in supporting the CPD-ITMS Programme and improving school leadership and management in general. These sessions facilitated collaborative discussions among the head teachers, encouraging them to share ideas and strategies for championing educational reforms within their schools.

The interactive nature of these sessions helped to build a sense of community and shared purpose among the participants, reinforcing the importance of their leadership in driving the success of the CPD initiatives.

Madam Eugenie Uwamariya, the Project Math and Science Specialist during her interaction with participants
A significant portion of the workshop was dedicated to finalizing the list of teachers who will participate in cohort 3 (2024), scheduled to commence during the upcoming school holidays. This planning ensures the groundwork is laid for the program’s successful implementation.

The meeting was a platform for exchanges between Head Teachers and UR-CE and REB representatives

Prof. Nkundabakura, who officially closed the workshop, encouraged school leaders to address the challenges discussed during the workshop, reiterating the collective effort required to achieve the goals of the CPD-ITMS Programme.

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