15 Jul 2023

The Government of Rwanda, through the Ministry of Education (MINEDUC) and the Rwanda Basic Education Board (REB), is implementing the Rwanda Quality Basic Education for Human Capital Development (RQBEHCD) project. One of theproject’s objective is to enhance teacher effectiveness for improved student learning through the support of professional development of Mathematics and Science teachers.The QBEHCD Sub-component 1.2 seeks to modernize instructional tools and enhance the knowledge and pedagogical skills of Mathematics and Science teachers in upper primary and lower secondary grades (P4-S3).
The project developed scripted lessons for all lessons in Mathematics and Science curricula from P4 to S3. Such lessons are aligned with the Rwandan Competence-Based Curriculum (CBC) framework and are prepared using open-source digital resources. These lessons aim to support teachers with insufficient backgrounds in Mathematics and Science, reduce the burden of lesson preparation, and improve the quality of content presented to students.
To modernize instructional tools for effective teaching and learning Mathematics and Science, three innovations have been made. These are ScriptedLessons, Virtual Science Laboratories (VSLs), and Project-Based Learning (PBL) approach.The project initiative emphasizes four channels :
a) Increasing teachers’ content knowledge,
b) Improving classroom teaching practices,
c) Ensuring the availability of critical teaching materials and ICT tools in the classroom, and
d) Providing continuous support to teachers in their teaching profession.

The project initiated a Quarterly Newsletter which captures its important activities. Please read ISSUE N001.


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