Historical background

The University of Rwanda-College of Education (UR-CE) is one of the six Colleges of the University of Rwanda, created after the merger of all public higher learning institutions in Rwanda in 2013. The University of Rwanda-College of Education is a specialized institution in teacher education with academic, assessment and certification of all teachers at secondary school level. In the framework of the restructuring process of the University of Rwanda, the College relocated from REMERA Campus, to RUKARA Campus, KAYONZA District, GAHINI Sector, in October 2017.

2. Commencement of the College of Education

The College had initially started its operation in 1999 as Kigali Institute of Education (KIE), a few years after the horrible 1994 genocide against the Tutsi. It was located in Kigali City, in Remera in various disciplines ; education was one of the affected sectors. The institution started by enrolling a modest number of enrolments depending on its capacity, until it has reached thousands of students.

3. Former KIE affiliated Colleges

On 14 September 2007, the Decision of the Cabinet Meeting created two colleges affiliated to the then Kigal Institute of Education ; Rukara College of Education and Kavumu College of Education both offering academic program of Diploma Level. They started their operations in 2008, with the mission to train and produce qualified teachers needed for the effective implementation of the Nine Years Basic education, later on upgraded today to Twelve Year Basic Education. Rukara offered Social sciences and Humanities with Education while Kavumu was sciences-based.

4. Merger of Rukara and Kavumu Colleges of Education

Following the decision of Cabinet Meeting of 15 December 2010, the merger of Rukara College of Education and Kavumu Education of Education formed “Rwanda Teacher’s College”, always affiliated to Kigali Institute of Education, and hosted at Rukara Campus. However, the implementation of this decision required putting in place necessary facilities to enable the institution to operate more optimally.

5. Creation of UR-College of Education Campuses

In August 2014, Rukara and Kavumu became campuses of the UR-Colleges of Education as in the framework of the restructuring of the public higher institutions of learning in Rwanda started early in 2013. In the same context, Kavumu relocated to Rukara in February 2015.

Vision, Mission and core values


An internationally known centre of excellence in producing professionally qualified teachers, scholars, other education professionals and lifelong leaders in high-quality research environment that promotes engagement, reflection, creation and innovative response to community, national and global challenges.


To develop curricula and offer high level educational programmes and trainings that prepare teachers for all school levels as well as other cadres of educational professionals. Our teaching and learning and research include undergraduate, graduate and professional education offered through pre-service, in-service and distance learning mode. Our mission is informed by the mission and core values of the University of Rwanda.

Core Values

Tolerance and mutual respect


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