18 Dec 2019

Each of the University campuses has an office in charge of student welfare. On top of providing student support in various circumstances, the office serves as link between University management and the student leadership as well as individual students. Various services offered by the office are the following :
• Accommodation : In conjunction with student representatives, wardens and in consultation with the college management, the office provides accommodation to students living in campus on affordable price alongside various facilitations attached.
• Health care : The office monitors the activities clinic and ensures that required healthcare services are available and accessible to all students.
• Feeding : The office ensures the proper up keep, management and use of student catering facilities during and of semesters.
• Sports/Culture/Leisure : The office is committed to develop student talent in various sports and cultural activities.
• Guidance and Counseling : The office has a unit in charge of guidance and counseling which helps students who need assistance on guidance about their daily life problems which might hamper the academic progress.
• The office ensures that students maintain discipline at all times while they are on and off Campus.


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