University of Rwanda Leader Praises Important Collaboration with Mastercard Foundation During Laptop Distribution Event

26 Mar 2024

In a momentous address during the laptop distribution ceremony at UR Rukara Campus, Professor Kayihura Muganga Didas, the Vice Chancellor of the University of Rwanda, delivered a stirring speech, acknowledging the invaluable partnership with the Mastercard Foundation.The ceremony was graced by the Minister of State for Education, Hon.Claudette Irere, the representative of Mastercard Foundation’s Country Manager, Mrs. Aissa Sow, among other officials.

Prof. Didas highlighted the significance of the laptops provided by the Mastercard Foundation, emphasizing their pivotal role in enhancing the educational experience for University of Rwanda’s students. He underscored the importance of these devices as essential tools for academic success and urged students to cherish and take care of them responsibly.

Expressing gratitude for the fruitful collaboration between the University of Rwanda and the Mastercard Foundation, Prof. Didas praised the Foundation’s commitment to empowering students with access to technology and fostering digital literacy across Rwanda and beyond.

Moreover, Prof. Didas emphasized the responsibility entrusted to students in maximizing the potential of these laptops, urging them to leverage these resources for personal and academic growth. He encouraged students to embrace innovation and utilize the laptops as catalysts for creativity and learning.

In addition, Prof. Didas sternly reminded the students of their obligation to take care of the laptops they had just received. He recounted instances where some students had sold their laptops, leading to disciplinary actions taken against them. Stressing the seriousness of such actions, he urged all students to use their laptops for academic purposes only and to avoid engaging in any unauthorized sale or misuse. Prof. Didas emphasized that these laptops were provided to enhance their education and urged them to value and safeguard this important resource.

In summary, Prof. Didas’s speech emphasized the positive effects of the collaboration between the University of Rwanda and the Mastercard Foundation. It highlighted how students are now equipped with technology, marking the beginning of a promising new phase. His message also stressed the significance of responsible leadership and the many exciting opportunities that await these students in the future.


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