Welcoming Remarks by Dr. Florien Nsanganwimana, UR- College of Education Acting Principal, on the occasion of CPD Programmes Graduation Ceremony on 16 December 2021

20 Dec 2021

Welcoming Remarks by Dr. Florien Nsanganwimana, UR- College of Education Acting Principal, on the occasion of CPD Programmes Graduation Ceremony on 16 December 2021

- REB Representative,
- VVOB Programme Manager,
- Dear Graduands.
- Respected participants, all protocols observed,

- Ladies and Gentlemen attending online and physically here at UR Rukara Campus, which is the Head office of UR-CE,

Good morning once again and thank you for joining us today as we celebrate the 2nd graduation of trainees, now graduands, who successfully followed and completed different Continuous Professional Development (CPD) programmes that are part of the two programmes that we run with two partners. The first programme is run together with VVOB and REB, it titled “Leading, Teaching and Learning Together.” It was a 5-year programme because it started in 2017 and in this December 2021 the programme is closing. So, the closing of the programme is together with this second graduation. We are therefore pleased to live these events together.

The second programme is the one we run together with the Institute of Policy Analysis and Research for Rwanda(IPAR-Rwanda), which is “ Fostering social Practice Approach to Adult Literacies for Improving People’s Quality of Life in the Western Rwanda. The CPD in this programme is in Adult Literacies. It has trained tutors who will be supporting the community in that part, and we hope that it will expand in other provinces as well.

The programme of “ Leading and Learning Together” is reaching the end of a tripartite partnership between UR-CE, VVOB and Rwanda Basic Education (REB). I hope that this is not the end but a beginning of new perspectives and collaborations as far as improving the quality of teaching and teacher education are concerned.

The programme of Adult Literacies with IPAR-Rwanda is not closing. I hope it is still running until next year if I am not mistaken. So, we hope that all activities that are planned in that programme, if they are ongoing trainees, should have completed their courses as well.

During these last years, a lot and good experience have been achieved in those two programmes that are running Continuous Professional Development for in-service teachers. Of course, our mission, as a College of Education, is to train qualified and professional teachers for secondary schools and provide support when needed across all education levels : nursery, primary and even higher education. So, the experience that we get in these programmes is of paramount as far as improving the quality of education is concerned.

So, we expect while conducting these Continuous Professional Development programmes for in-service teachers that those teachers and other stakeholders will benefit from those programmes. Here, we are talking about schools, school leaders, teachers and of course not leaving aside our lecturers who act as trainers in those programmes. Through being involved in those programmes, our capacity to serve in education sector is enhanced ; our capacity to manage partnerships is enhanced.

Today, as we reach the end of some programmes and celebrate the graduation ; this is a proof that the partnership has been well managed. As I said, I would like to keep it on and to serve the Rwandan community and beyond when necessary.

Through the tripartite partnership with VVOB we have been able to develop and to implement three (3) CPD programmes.

The first CPD which started earlier than others is the CPD Diploma programme in Effective School Leadership which targets Head Teachers, Deputy Head Teachers and other District Officials, Sector Officials engaged in education management.

The second CPD is the CPD Certificate Programme in Educational Mentorship and Coaching for School-Based Mentors( SBM), TTC Tutors and Sector Education Inspectors.

The third programme is STEM CPD Certificate programme in Educational Mentorship for Schools Subject Leaders and Heads of Departments ( HOD) in Schools where we have science options or just targeting STEM subjects.

For these VVOB programmes we have been operating in 17 districts, namely Kayonza, Gicumbi, Rulindo, Musanze, Rubavu, Ngororero, Karongi, Nyamasheke, Rusizi, Nyabihu, Nyaruguru, Gisagara, Nyanza, Kamonyi, Kirehe, Gatsibo and Nyagatare). All these districts benefited from the training of teachers, school leaders and district officials engaged in those programmes.

Today, we have trained more than 4500 trainees. The first graduation happened in 2019. Now we are celebrating the second batch of trainees who are more than 2500 graduands.

It is worth mentioning that these 17 districts were selected based on the gaps observed in learners’ performance and learning outcomes. The aim of this program was to enhance the capacity of school leaders and teachers as leaders of teaching to improve the performance of their schools in terms of school performance in general, but also the performance of learners.

The support provided through these programmes aimed at bridging the observed gaps by equipping schools leaders and teachers with competences to do so.

I have to remind that this programme started short after the introduction of the Competence- Based Curriculum. Both schools and teachers were struggling to embrace the new concept and the way they could implement it. So, with different testimonies and with these graduands reaching the end of their training, that is a proof that expected competences have been acquired.

Today, as I have said, when we celebrate the achievement of graduands we can’t ignore all stakeholders who provided different types of support : financial support and technical support. But financially, we have to acknowledge the support from VVOB, which also was possible through grant providers including Mastercard Foundation, the Belgium Government, just to name a few.

We also thank the effort of graduands because we know that it was not easy to combine training and work. As you have heard, all categories of trainees are in-service trainees. They are School Head Teachers, Deputy Head Teachers, Directors of District Education, District Education Officers, Sector Education Inspectors and teachers in different categories. So, you understand that it was not easy for them to combine work and training. Most importantly also, their social life because most of them are managing their families. So, combining the 3 most important things in the life of person is not easy.

So, let me invite the audience here and yourselves to clap for your achievement !

We also know that you have demonstrated resilience ; because since 2020 the whole world including Rwanda has faced the COVID-19 pandemic. We were afraid that many trainees would just lose hope and drop out from the programmes, but through the assistance of the trainers and other stakeholders ; and also owing to your commitment and the value you gave to this training, you remained in the programmes, and now we are celebrating together the fruit of a joined effort between you and your trainers.

Ladies and gentlemen, let me be short and congratulate again the graduands and also all stakeholders who supported them to reach this end.

Thank you all !

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