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02 Jan 2021

Welcome to the Finance Directorate. The Finance Directorate is one of support service of the College. It has two Department namely Accounting and Logistics and Supply respectively. The Directorate is having one Director, 2 accountants and one Logistics Officer.

The Directorate offers the following main services :

1. Supervise budget preparation and its execution ;
- Supervise the preparation of the College budget ;
- Monitor of the College annual operating budgets ;
- Control College budget execution in compliance with the public finance rules and procedures ;
- Prepare monthly and annual reports of the budget execution ;
- Prepare periodic cash flow plans ;
- Student account management and clearance
- Recovery of debts

2. Supervise Payments for goods and services :
- To check conformity and accuracy of payments requests ;
- Ensure proper disbursement of funds is supported by appropriate vouchers ;
- Ensure the establish and maintain an appropriate Cash Book and General Ledger to Record Revenue and Expenditure operations ;
- Ensure preparation of bank reconciliation statements at the end of each month ;

3. Pre-Audit and Audit preparation :
- Ensure proper documentation according to the regulations ;
- Ensure compliance to the raised issues during the previous financial year.
- Prepare Audit and implementation of recommendation of previous Audit for financial issues
4. Coordinate the staff performance contract evaluation of Finance staff and assess their
compliance ;
5. Stock Management Function

Achievement registered so far :

Activities carried out most of the times are related to :
- The supervision of the College budget preparation and its execution
- Payments of goods and services
- the focal point of the Audit and implementation of recommendation preparation of previous Audit for financial issues
- the coordination of staff performance contract evaluation of Finance staff and assess their compliance, etc.

Staffing of the Finance Directorate and main contacts :

1. Names : Mrs.Francoise MURERWA SHABAIRU
Position : Director of Finance
tel : Tel 0788302789
Email : shamurerwa@gmail.com / dirfinance.ce @ur.ac.rw

2. Names : Mr. Donat NSABIMANA
Position : Accountant
Tel : 0788479116
Email : dnsabi80@gmail.com

2. Names : Mr.Kanazi Kenneth Myambi
Position : Accountant
Tel : 0788869386
Email : pkanazi@gmail.com

4. Names : Mr. Rudasingwa Vincent
Position : Accountant
Tel : 078438243
Email : sinvinc @gmail.com


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