University of Rwanda’s Commitment to Developing and Sharing Blended Learning Modules with East African Universities

16 Aug 2021

The University of Rwanda (UR) fosters relationships with other institutions which are essential to academic and research accomplishment. As far as the Partnership for Enhanced and Blended Learning (PEBL) project of which UR is a full member is concerned, UR has endeavored to develop quality –assured, credit bearing blended modules shared with other universities in East Africa. As a result, the ‘Biochemistry’ module and that of ‘Introduction to Information Technology’ are now available on Open Education Resources (OER) Africa. Therefore universities within and beyond the project network can download and use them. In addition, the ‘Human Resources Management’ module will also be availed very soon, as reflected by the recently concluded workshop which aimed at uploading it on the UR e-Learning Platform.

The team of the University of Rwanda-College of Education’s academics who carried out this task included Lecturer Phocas Musemakweli, who is the Module Leader ; Lecturer Laurence Mukanama, and Lecturer Annet Kaviira, who are both Subject Matter Experts. The team of facilitators included by Dr. Andre Muhirwa, the UR PEBL Project Lead, who is also the Director of Teaching and Learning Enhancement ; Dr. Matthias Nduwingoma, the UR PEBL Project Coordinator, also the Director of Open Distance and eLearning ; and Mr. Leon Ntabomvura, the e-Learning Officer for Instructional Design.

Lecturer Phocas Musemakweli noted that “the ‘Human Resources Management’ module will enable students to discover the knowledge, skills and attitudes essential to the practices of human resource management.” He added that “the curriculum leads the students through the roles and responsibilities of human resource personnel.’’

Mr. Leon Ntabomvura made the review of the features of the UR-eLearning Platform. He assisted the module team in properly uploading the materials throughout the exercise. He briefed the team on challenges lecturers often face while using the platform and showcased how to address them.

Dr. Mathias Nduwingoma took the participants through quality assurance requirements of the blended learning. He urged them to conform to them when they are preparing and uploading their materials. He stressed the need to work intensively in order to achieve the expected outcomes.

Dr. Andre Muhirwa made an overview of the Project and the efforts put in by the University of Rwanda to develop and share her modules with other universities in the framework of the Project. He noted that “for the first batch, UR developed and shared the module of ‘Biochemistry’ belonging to the College of Medicine and Health Sciences.’’ He added that the second batch concerned the ’Introduction to Information Technology.’ We developed this module and we submitted its final version and its back up so that it can be possible to upload the materials on the Open Education Resources (OER) Africa,” Dr. Muhirwa said.

For the third batch, as he underlined it, the selected module is that of the ‘Human Resources Management, which is taught in the Entrepreneurship subject in year 2 in the UR-College of Education. “It was developed and the final version was submitted end June 2021. We were thereafter requested to avail its backup file. We therefore felt the need to organize this workshop to upload the module on the UR e-Learning Platform,’’ he stressed. It was noted that in five days the task was successfully accomplished thanks to intense work of the team.

PEBL is partnering with universities across East Africa to expand the delivery methods for a range of courses for their undergraduate and postgraduate students.

Dr. Andre MUHIRWA, the UR PEBL Project Lead & Director, Teaching and Learning Enhancement, University of Rwanda-College of Education

Dr. Mathias NDUWINGOMA, the UR PEBL Project Coordinator & Director, Centre for Open Distance and e-Learning,University of Rwanda-College of Education

Mr.Phocas MUSEMAKWELI, Lecturer &Module Leader, University of Rwanda-College of Education

Ms Laurence MUKANAMA, Lecturer & Subject Matter Expert, University of Rwanda-College of Education

Ms Annet KAVIIRA, Lecturer & Subject Matter Expert, University of Rwanda-College of Education

Mr. Leon NTABOMVURA, e-Learning Officer for Instructional Design, University of Rwanda-College of Education

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PRO, University of Rwanda-College of Education


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