Speech of the University of Rwanda’s Chancellor on the occasion of the 8th Graduation

21 Nov 2022

The University of Rwanda held a colourful 8th graduation ceremony that took place at Nyagatare stadium in Eastern province on Friday, 18th Novwmber 2022, where 5702 graduates tapped into the labour market.

In her virtual speech, the Chancellor of the University of Rwanda, Ms Patricia L.Campell noted in her virtual speech that "graduation is a joyous time to celebrate, reflect on accomplishment and look forward." She went on to say "I expect everyone at the University of Rwanda is doing that today, and you should ! You have succeeded in completing your course of study and you and your families, friends, faculty, and mentors are proud of your accomplishments."

The transcript of the rest of her interview reads as follows :

"As I think of how to reflect on accomplishment and inspire for the future, I think of a very simple poem written by Mary Oliver.

Instructions for living a life. Pay Attention. Be Amazed. Tell About It !

No life path is straight up success. There are inevitably unforeseen events, perhaps even a mistake to be corrected, and often unforeseen opportunities. The key is to continue to learn, yes, by paying attention ; to appreciate and understand sometimes in amazement at what has occurred ; and to have the courage to acknowledge and sometimes change course.

I expect Mary Oliver’s intent with the words “Tell About It” was to encourage us to share, and I like that very much, but I have another way of also thinking about this advice. I would sometimes say to people I worked with “I can’t fix it if I don’t know it is broken”. Sometimes it takes courage to share a problem or to acknowledge to oneself that something needs improvement. There are always ways to improve and so don’t be afraid to tell about it.

I wish I were with you today in person. Nevertheless, my joy for your accomplishments and my pride in the University of Rwanda is greater than ever. You and your country are the hope for the future of our world. There are so many challenges in our complex and troubled world. That makes me more aware of how important this day is, not only to you as you complete one phase of your life and launch on your future endeavors, but to your amazing country and our world.
Congratulations once again class of 2022 !
Murakoze Cyane !"

Contrary to the past, graduates were handed over their degree certificates and transcripts on the very same day of graduation, thus breaking the long delay for getting their degrees.

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Ntirandekura Schadrac
Public Relations and Community Engagement Officer
University of Rwanda-College of Education


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