“Students who voted for you trust you ; they gave you the power to stand for them. I hope that you will not deceive them”-Dr. Florien Nsanganwimana to the newly elected Guild Council Committee

01 Jul 2021

Dr.Florien Nsanganwimana, the Acting Principal of the University of Rwanda-College of Education, welcomed the incoming Guild Council Committee and called upon them to work diligently advocating for all students. He made this statement at the Swearing in Ceremony of the members of the Committee which took place on Friday the 25th June 2021 at UR-Rukara Campus.

The swearing in ceremony preceded slightly the handover between the outgoing Guild Council Committee that was led by Mr. James Murenzi, the Guild President, and the incoming Committee headed by Mr. Benon Bataringaya, the new Guild President. The function was attended by representatives of the College management and a handful of students-a number that allowed implementing preventive measures against the Covid-19 pandemic.

On behalf of his team, Mr. James Murenzi congratulated their successors for taking up the mantle. He expressed gratitude to the College management and staff for the tremendous support during their term of office. “In the College of Education, we have parents, not leaders of the students...We, students’ leaders, cannot do anything without the support from the College management. And we have got very big support,’’ he said cheerfully, and added : “We are going to graduate, but we shall always be proud of this College. The College will always be in our hearts. It will always be our home.’’

In his short inaugural speech, the incoming Guild President, Mr. Benon Bataringaya, commended the outgoing Committee for their achievements. He pledged to work hard and to collaborate with his fellow students and the College management. “I promise to work hard. I shall be a good bridge that connects students with the College management,” he said.

While addressing the participants, the Acting Principal Dr. Florien Nsanganwimana, lauded the work done by the outgoing Guild Council Committee. “As you know, we are working amid the Covid-19 pandemic. Without the collaboration of the students’ leaders we would not have, for instance, completed successfully the last academic year which has been longer than ever, and now we have started the new academic year 2020-2021,” he noted.

Dr.Florien Nsanganwimana, the UR-CE Acting Principal while making his remarks

He congratulated the incoming Committee for the trust of their fellow students who voted for them and urged them to keep it. He invited them to exercise their mandate effectively and assured them of the support and availability of the College management. “You are most welcome whenever you need a service, we are here for you ! Feel free ; don’t hesitate to address the issues of the students to us, to advocate for them. You have our support as the College management and even of your lecturers, because they are educators,” he said.

He called upon all students to study hard and to stay united, despite differences that might have arisen during the election campaign. “During the election campaign you were competing using your ideas. Don’t stick on those differences when providing a service. Unity should be reflected in whatever we do, and it shall prevail. Students who voted for you trust you ; they gave you the power to stand for them, so I expect that you will not deceive them,’’ he highlighted.

He emphasized the need for teamwork amongst students’ leaders themselves, and the entire students’ community. He advised members of different Committees to make it a modus operandi. “Now it comes to exercising leadership, what do we expect from you members of different committees ? We expect you to collaborate ! There is no more competition ! Now you won it ! You have to assume your responsibilities effectively. Collaboration is very important. Work as a team ! Teamwork is important. Consult, seek advice from your colleagues and even from the College management. Use the consensus to take a decision. You will need to convince your colleagues. Don’t impose but convince them instead,” he intimated to them.

“As someone doing advocacy, when for instance, students raise an issue, how do you handle it ? He asked. “You may not be having a feedback, an answer at hand. What you will do is to come and discuss with the concerned offices. You will then go back and you provide a feedback to the students. That is what they want ! It is your responsibility to provide a feedback timely,” he added.

Above all, the Acting Principal referred the new team to the provisions of the General Academic Regulations when advising students or seeking support from the College management. The ceremony was wrapped up by the award of Certificates of Merit to the outgoing Guild Council Committee members in recognition of their outstanding service.

The newly sworn in Committee is made up of 21 members including Benon BATARINGAYA, the Guild President ; UMUTESI Claudine, the Vice President ; KANTENGWA Annet, the General Secretary ; GAKURU Wilson, the Speaker of the Board of Representatives ; NSANZIMANA Modeste, the Vice Speaker ; ASIIMWE Phiona, the Secretary ; SHYAKA Fred, the President of Arbitration Committee ; SHEMA Eduard, the Vice President ; MWIZA Mellon, the Secretary ; SAFARI Joseph, the 1st Advisor ; KABAGEMA Frank, the 2nd Advisor ; and 10 Cabinet Ministers.

More in photos :

Mr. Benon Bataringaya, the incoming Guild President

Mr. James Murenzi, the outgoing Guild President

Outgoing Guild Council Committee members were awarded Certificates of Merit

New Guild Council Committee posing for a group photo with UR-CE management

Story by
Ntirandekura Schadrac
Public Relations and Community Engagement Officer
University of Rwanda-College of Education


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