Challenges and Recommendations


Though the Program has achieved a lot of the deliverables , we experienced challenges which have left some activities going on at a low speed and others not yet done :
1. The first challenge was the delay to start implementing the Program, this is evidenced by the signature of the Collaboration agreement in May 2018, but the actual start of implementation started in January 2019 which means after 8months.
2. Another challenge that hindered the progress was the delay to get the experts to train URCE champions in CBC, Research and integration of ICT in teaching and Learning
3. Public procurement procedures which have delayed the tenders like digital media center establishment where staff could be taught how to develop and upload digital content for blended learning method.
4. Outbreak of COVID 19 also hindered a lot of activities and thus changing the timeline.


We recommend the Renewal or non-cost extension of the current collaboration agreement with MasterCard foundation in order to be able to fully complete the deliverables in an impactful ways based on the following reasons :
1. The University of Rwanda has signed a 2years sub agreement with University of Toronto to have the trainings of URCE staff in ICT,CBC and Research . This agreement will run up to July 2024 based on the sequence of the activities to be done, this needs an alignment of the current agreement with MasterCard foundation with the sub agreement.
2. Again, we have ongoing tenders that are always influenced but external factors like the establishment of digital media center , established of the video conference at URCE which is at its initial stage . Those tenders normally take a long period to be completed due to external factors we normally don’t have control .


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