Prof.George K. Njoroge seen off by his Subordinates and Superiors

16 Oct 2020

People who interacted with the retiring educationist at UR’s College of Education will take long to, if at all they ever will, forget Prof. George K Njoroge. In their farewell speeches during handover to his successor and Ag. Principal Dr. Florien Nsanganwimana, College staff, students and UR Senior Officials unreservedly acknowledged his exceptional intellectual and human qualities. The ceremony was also broadcast live online to beat COVID-19 restrictions and allow wider participation.

The event was a true celebration of his incredible achievements and remarkable contribution to the Rukara based College of Education and the University of Rwanda at large.

All speakers cheerfully acknowledged that Prof. Njoroge has been a role model to members of UR-CE community and the entire University family.
“He has been a parent, a mentor and a teacher to us. He has been everybody – a hero,’’ said Salomon Nshimiyimana the Campus Administrator on behalf of academic staff.

“One of the greatest lessons you have taught us is to care for everyone. The respect you have showed to each of us, your willingness and eagerness to involve us in taking decision are some of the few things we shall always remember you for,’’ Nshimiyimana added. Click on this video link for full speech : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ebBb3wnz0Ts

Dr. Evariste Karangwa, the Dean School of Inclusive and Special Needs Education also had good things to say. He remarked that UR-CE has now stabilized thanks to the dedication of Prof. Njoroge during tenure. “For sure, we will have only good things to remember about you Professor Njoroge,‘’ he said to the elder’s face. Click on this link for details : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ev4bvHMjnc8

When time for the Guild President James Murenzi came, he recognized the undeniable support the outgoing Principal always offered him ever since he was elected to represent students, including nurturing him personally. ‘’To me he has been like a parent and a good mentor,’’ Murenzi said. Click on this link : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zlp5M5XC2dc

UR outgoing Vice Chancellor Prof. Phillip Cotton who officiated at the ceremony had this to say that him and Prof. Njoroge have been colleagues for some time now, starting from the time when they together served on the team tasked with creating a single University of Rwanda by merging seven former public institutions of higher learning. He said their good relationship continued to go on well even when one later became line manager of the other, having no problem at all remaining both colleagues and collaborators.

Prof. Njoroge’s exceptional character also attracted the attention of the Board Chair of the University of Rwanda, Dr. Paul Davenport who sent a special message to him conveyed through the VC. ‘’It is a pleasure today to acknowledge how important you (Prof. Njoroge) were to the founding and early development of the University of Rwanda,’’ the message read in part. Open this link for details : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=90F3iDh0Xns

The Ag. Deputy Vice-Chancellor for Institutional Advancement, Dr. Beatrice Yanzigiye also attended the ceremony. Also in attendance were members of both UR-CE Management Council and Academic Council.


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