The place of School Attachment in Teacher education programmes at University of Rwanda-College of Education ( Part I)

14 Mar 2022

The mission of the University of Rwanda-College of Education ( UR-CE) is to develop curricula and offer high level educational programmes and trainings that prepare teachers for all school levels as well as other cadres of educational professionals.

According to teacher education programmes at UR-CE, throughout their learning process, students at the University of Rwanda- College of Education follow the curriculum which is twofold : academic and professional. On academic level, they do courses in science, humanities and languages.

On professional level all students do educational courses which are compulsory and cross cutting. This is to allow them to reinforce their content knowledge but also be introduced to the teaching skills and get prepared to embrace the teaching career. To further professionalize teacher education, all student-teachers have to do school attachment to get school life experiences before they embark on the teaching profession.

Nature of school attachment

Teacher education programmes are designed to produce effective classroom practitioners who are well prepared to address the various challenges in classroom setting. To this end, teacher education programmes must aim at developing the knowledge, skills and attributes of pre-service teachers to prepare them to teach effectively in the school systems. To achieve this, student teachers should undertake school attachment as a workplace-based learning in all teacher education programmes at the University of Rwanda-College of Education (UR-CE).

School attachment is therefore conceived as an extended school-based placement in which student teachers are expected to consolidate their knowledge and experience across all facets of the role of the teacher in the school. It therefore provides an opportunity to further develop skills in teaching and for student teachers to be mentored in preparing themselves as thoroughly as possible for their early experiences of teaching.

Place of School Attachment at UR-CE

School attachment is a credit-rated module and it is compulsory for all diploma and degree programmes at UR-CE. Therefore, it is conducted in accordance with the approved guidelines and no students will be allowed to graduate unless they have passed their school attachment. According to the revised UR Academic Regulations for Undergraduate Programmes (2018), students who will not be able to complete their industrial attachment, that is school attachment at UR-CE, for any reason during the specified period shall be required to complete their attachment at their own expense within the next academic year.

In our next story, we shall providing you with further information on this important subject the School Attachment is teacher’s education at the University of Rwanda-College of Education.

Story by NTIRANDEKURA Schadrac


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