20 Mar 2022


Dr Marcellin Rutegwa holds a PhD degree in Fisheries and Protection of Waters issued by the University of South Bohemia (USB), Czech Republic, a Master of Science in Environmental Sciences (Specialization in Limnology and Wetland Management) issued by the former UNESCO-IHE, The Netherlands in conjunction with the Austrian Academy of Sciences and a Bachelor of Science with Education (Specialization in Biology-Geography-Education) obtained from the former Kigali Institute of Education which became the College of Education (UR-CE).

Currently, he is a Lecturer of Biology at the University of Rwanda-College of Education (UR-CE)in the department of Mathematics, Science and Physical Education (MSPE) and the Acting Head of Research in the African Centre of Excellence for Innovative Teaching and Learning Mathematics and Science (ACEITLMS) based in the UR-CE.

His research interest is organic matter dynamics in aquatic ecosystems (lentic and wetlands), sustainable aquaculture and quality of teaching and learning Biology. His PhD project was supervised by Dr BořekDrozd, PhD from the Faculty of Fisheries and Protection of Waters (FFPW) of USB and Assoc. Prof. Josef Hejzlar from the Institute of Hydrobiology of the Czech Academy of Science (CAS). He also visited Prof. Gabriel A. Singerat Leibniz Institute of Freshwater Ecology and Inland Fisheries (IGB-Berlin-Germany), and the research Group of Prof. David Batsvikenat the University of Linköping (Sweden).

Peer-reviewed journals with IF
Rutegwa, M., Gebauer, R., Vesely, L., Regenda, J., Strunecky, O., Hejzlar, J., Drozd, B., 2019.Diffusive methane emissions from temperate semi-intensive carp ponds.Aquaculture Environment Interactions 11 : 19–30. (IF 2018 = 2.380).

Rutegwa, M., Potužak, J., Hejzlar, J., Drozd, B., 2019. Carbon metabolism and nutrient balancein a hypereutrophic semi-intensive fishpond. Knowledge and Management of AquaticEcosystems 420 : 49. (IF 2018 = 1.265).

Vanina, T., Gebauer, R., Toomey, L., Stejskal, V., Rutegwa, M., Kouřil, J., Blaha, M., Lecocq,T., 2019. Genetic and aquaculture performance differentiation among wild allopatricpopulations of European perch (Percidae, Percafluviatilis). Aquaculture 503 : 139–145.(IF 2017 = 3.022)

Peer-reviewed journals without IF

Manirafasha, E., VajhuabmuasVangh, A., Murwanashyaka, T., Rugabirwa, B., Ndikubwimana, T.,Mukagatare, G., Damascene Ndayambaje, J., Guo, L., Shen, L., Zeng, X., Jing, K., Rutegwa, M.,Lu, Y., 2019. Algal resources exploitation for green economy and sustainable development:A review. Adv BiochemBiotechnol 7 : 1089. DOI : 10.29011/2574-7258.001089.
Abstracts and conference proceedings

Rutegwa, M., Hejzlar, J., Drozd, B., 2018. Diffusive methane emissions from carp ponds (SouthBohemia, Czech Republic). Aquaculture Europe 2018 Abstracts. Montpellier, France,August 25–29, 2018, p. 664. (Poster presentation).


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