07 Jul 2021


Since 2006, Vivens HITIYAREMYE has been working for University of Rwanda. Further to more than 14 years of teaching experience, Vivens has developed leadership skills through different leading responsibilities assumed in different organizations. In this juncture, Vivens is the current Vice President of the Association of Teachers of English in Rwanda (ATER) where he is committed to supporting English language and subject teachers through different initiatives aiming at developing teachers’ classroom English and pedagogy. He completed different Trainer development courses and facilitated a number of professional trainings focusing on supporting ELT skills and curriculum review.
In addition to his Bachelors’ Degree in English, Vivens has continuously been participating in different teacher-driven professional development trainings/workshops and short courses aiming at improving ELT skills and quality education in general. The skills and expertise he got from the above mentioned professional trainings and short courses were strengthened and widened by teacher education he got from his Master’s program in Educational planning, Management and Administration completed at Mount Kenya University. Now, Vivens is a PhD student in Education program at UNICAF university.
Vivens has participated in publication of different teacher’s materials and made different presentations at various international conferences and workshops like :
-  Developer of Supporting Teachers’ English via Mentoring Self study materials in collaboration with British Council, Rwanda in 2015
-  Participant’s Materials TESOL (Boston in 2010),
-  EFL Educators’ workshop in Washington DC, 2010 (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nc5I0NV4hAE ),
-  Trainer Development workshop (Kigali-Nairobi, 2013)
Contact :
Email : hitiyaremyevivens@yahoo.fr / hitiyaremyevivens@gmail.com
Phone : +250788574529


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