07 Jul 2021


NDISANZE Onesme is assistant lecturer of university of Rwanda, college of education in the department of Humanities and Languages Education with the contacts (onesmendisanze@yahoo.fr).He has been graduated at institute of Agriculture and Technology of Kibungo as a bachelor’s degree holder in 2010.Furthermore he went to Kabale University, Uganda, for a Master’s in Business Administration where he has graduated in 2013. To increase experience and educational level, hewent to Kampala International University in Uganda for pursuing PhD in Business management sciences since 2014. He published in American International Journal of Research in Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences the article about Importance of Entrepreneurs on Social and Economic Development in Gicumbi District. He also published the article in International Journal of Research in Social Sciences and Humanities regarding women entrepreneurs and economic development in Rwanda, a case of Gicumbi District. The other article that has been published in Imperial Journal of Interdisciplinary Research was related to Government Programs in Transforming Lives of Rwandans. A Case Study of GirinkaMunyarwanda Program in Gicumbi District and finally another article about Attitudes of students at university of Rwanda towards self-employment.
He also published article about the Role of Employees’ Management on the Success of Public Organizations, Evidence from University of Rwanda and the second article concerns with the Debtors’ Control Policy on Business Growth In Small And Medium Sized Enterprises Case Of Nyirangarama Company Ltd


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