20 Mar 2021


Innocent Sebasaza MUGISHA is currently employed by the University of Rwanda in the College of Education as Lecturer in the School of Education. He has a PhD degree in Education, specifically in Assessment and Study Strategies in Higher education, obtained from Linkoping-Sweden ; a Master’s degree in Education in the field of Curriculum Studies and a Bachelors’ degree in Education (Geography and Commercial Studies as teaching subjects) both obtained from the National University of Lesotho- (NUL) in Southern Africa. In addition Dr. Mugisha holds numerous professional certificates in Education related fields as : PhD Supervision, Education Quality Assurance, Educational Technology, (Israeli) ; School Counselling (Botswana) ; National Geography Marker (Cambridge), Teaching Practice Tutor (NUL), Tutor for School –Based Mentor (NUL) just to mention a few,
Professional Experience : Dr. Mugisha is senior result oriented educationist with 24 years’ experience in increasingly responsible positions in areas of education training, research and education quality enhancement at institutional, national and International levels : National Executive Director in Higher ; Education Council, MINEDUC., Director of Academic Quality at National Council for Higher Education MINEDUC ; University Director of Teaching and Enhancement ; Deputy Director, SEPU/Quality Assurance, National University of Rwanda ; Member of Inter-University Council for East Africa Quality Assurance Committee and one Year Chairperson Lecturer/Tutor. Negotiator : Member of Rwanda High Level Task Force that negotiated and concluded “Mutual Recognition of Academic and Professional Qualifications in East African Community" Annex to East African Community Common Market Protocol, Contributor to the East- African Regional Qualifications Framework.Negotiator : Member of Rwanda High Level Task Force that negotiated and concluded” , 2010-2011
Publications : Mugisha, S.I. (2010). Assessment and study strategies : A study among Rwandan Students in Higher Education. Linköping University, SE 581 83 Linköping, Sweden. ISBN 978-91-7393-340-7 ISSN 1654-2029
Mugisha, S.I. (2007). Assessment social-cultural aspects. Paper presented to department of Behavioral Science and Learning at Linköping University on 25th May, 2007 Room I:106 ∙ Mugisha, S.I. (2007). An investigation of geography learner’s perception of assessments and learning approaches in Rwanda Higher Education (Preliminary findings). A paper presented to department IBL- Linköping University on 23rd November, 2007
Mugisha, S.I. (2006). A reflection on phenomenography as a research approach. Paper presented to department of behavioral Science and Learning at Linköping University on 11th May 2006 Room I:207
Mugisha, S.I. (2006). Assessment for Selection and Certification. Paper presented to the Department of behavioral Science and Learning at Linkoping University on 20th May, 2006 Room I:110 ∙ Contributor to : Confronting the past in Rwanda schools. Eric Stover & Harvey M. Weinstein (2006), (eds.) My neighbor, My Enemy : Justice and Community in the Aftermath of Mass Atrocity. Cambridge University Press.
Contributor & Principal Coordinator Resource to : MINEDUC (2006) Book for Rwandan History Teacher (2006). Manuscript producer under the joint project between Nation University of Rwanda and University of California and Rwanda National Curriculum Development Center.
Contributor to : Participation in Justice and Community in the aftermath of Mass Atrocity. A joint project between Center for conflict Management of National University of Rwanda and human right center of University of California, Berkeley. (A book, My Neighbor my Enemy (2004), edited by Eric Stove and Harvey M. Westein, University of California, Berkeley).
∙ Mugisha, S.I. (2005) : New media and education change in Higher Education. Paper presented at Stockholm University, Department of International Studies on 10th November, 2005. ∙ Coad, D. & Mugisha , S. I. (2002). Teaching in Postsecondary Institutions. Workshop Material for Postsecondary Institutions : Michigan State University
∙ Mugisha, S.I. (1996) Performance Patten of Geography Students in Lesotho and contributory factors during the period 1980-1990. Boleswa. Book of Abstracts (1996).

Email : innocentmugisha@gmail.com
Tel : 0788506161


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