16 Jan 2020


Evariste Karangwa (PhD) is the founding Dean and senior Lecturer of the School of Inclusive & Special Needs Education - University of Rwanda -College of Education (UR CE) since 2014.

He obtained his M.ED & Ph.D from the University of Birmingham in UK (1999-2000) & the Catholic University of Louvain in Belgium (2003-2006) ; respectively.

Prior to serving as Dean, he had been entrusted academic leadership responsibilities in UR CE since 2000 : As Head of Department (2000-2003) ; Deputy Dean (2006-2010) and Director of Postgraduate studies & Research (2010-2011).

Appointed by the Ministry of Education (March 2013) to lead the review of the National Policy on Inclusive Education in 2013 ; by UR senate (February 2014) to design its policy and practices on inclusive teaching and learning ; and a member of Inter University Council of East African (IUCEA) team that developed the regional policy guidelines for students with disabilities and other special needs.

Is the Chief Editor of the Rwandan Journal of Education ; published in the ‘International Journal of Inclusive Education’ in 2007 and 2018 ; in the International Journal of Disability & Development in 2010, Disability and Society in 2018 ; contributed book chapters for Rwanda in the Praeger International Handbook of Special Education of 2017 edited by Prof. Michael Wehmeyer & Jim Patton of Kansas University ; and a chapter in ‘Challenging Inclusive Education’ Policy and Practice in Africa’ Edited by Prof. Roger Slee and Pather Sulochini.

P.O.BOX 55, RWAMAGANA - RWANDA +250 0785489767 or 250 0739140377 ekarangwa@ur.ac.rw - karangwa28@ymail.com - karangwa28@gmail.com


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