19 Apr 2022


My Academic and Professional Profile
Full Name : Charles Karoro Muhirwe
As a professionally qualified lecturer with Bachelor of Education (BEd – Hons) at Kenyatta University (Kenya), Master of Education (MEd) at University of Exeter (England, UK), and PhD in education at University of Linköping (Sweden) I have been a veteran teacher in National University of Rwanda (NUR), UR-CASS and UR-College of Education with about 25 years of experience. It is in this tertiary context that I have been teaching undergraduate and postgraduate students in different faculties, schools and departments to become either professional teachers or to work elsewhere as far as they can use a variety of education, arts, social sciences and humanities. This is why my main courses and modules to teach in tertiary education have been teaching methodology, general English language skills and specific areas, linguistics, applied linguistics and literature in English. I have also completed my postdoctoral research project, I am in my continuing research work, and in the process of my research-based publications. In addition, I have played the role of administrative leadership (e.g. head of departments and others), and as a professionally qualified and experienced lecturer the following are some of my skills :

 Preparing for and covering the subject matters adequately
 Using valuable, clear and logical course/module materials, as well as making them accessible, intelligible and meaningful to my classes especially using ICTs
 Instructional strategies to develop students’ academic skills and raising of test/exam scores
 Advising and assisting my classes research on the ideas, concepts, and topics that can come from their course/module content
 Training my students to use well their professional skills in their work contexts
 Interpersonal skills and relationship-building strategies within the community

TEL : 0786385005
Email : karoro99@yahoo.co.uk


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