07 Dec 2020

The Office of the Academic Registrar is dedicated to the service of students and it seeks to demonstrate through action a commitment to building a sense of quality service.

The Registrar’s Office has the following position :

1. Registration and Academic Record Officer ;
2. Academic Program, Examination and Timetabling Officer ;
3. Transcript, Certificates and Academic Affairs Officer ;
4. College Registrar.

The Registrar’s Office responsibilities include but are not limited to :

1. Validation of students’ entry qualifications and certificates ;
2. Processing students’ admission and registration ;
3. Being responsible for the students’ academic records ;
4. Issuing students’ Identity Cards and several academic documents to graduates ;
5. Preparing, publishing and distributing class and examination schedules which, as much as possible serve the needs and preferences of Deans, Heads of Department and to ensure that the condition of the classrooms meets the requirements for quality education ;
6. Enforcing the General Academic and Examination Regulations ;
7. Putting the academic structure in EBMIS ;
8. Preparing and publishing the College academic calendar of each academic year ;
9. Participating in the preparation of the graduation ceremony ;
10. Ensuring students’ adherence to academic policies and regulations ;
11. Participating in the preparation of the program of academic activities related to the commencement exercises of each Academic Year/induction program.

For any academic document required by graduates, if it is available, you get it the same day, and for those which need to be prepared, you are given 2 working days to come and take it.

For any contact, please email at registrar.ce@ur.ac.rw or call any of the following contacts :

1.Names : Mr.RUZIGANA M Fabian
Position : College Registrar
Tel. : 0788547174
Email : faruzigana@gmail.com

2. Names : M’s UWICYEZA Josiane
Position :Registration and Academic Record Officer
Telephone : 0788546697

3.Names : Mrs. MUKABAZIGA Regine
Position : Academic Program, Examination and Timetabling Officer ;
Tel : 0788529116

Position : Transcript, Certificates and Academic Affairs Officer
Tel : 0788644817

For application, admission and support use this link : http://www.admissions.ur.ac.rw/


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