08 Mar 2021


Mr Ides MUKAMA holds a Master’s Degree in Applied Linguistics : Teaching English as a Foreign Language obtained from the University of Groningen – Netherlands and he is pursuing his PhD at the University of Rwanda.
Since 2001 he has diligently held various administrative responsibilities as Deputy Academic Registrar, Course Coordinator, Translator and Training Coordinator at the former Kigali Institute of Education.
He has been actively involved in big research projects since he joined the academic body in 2012. They include but are not limited to “Improving Learning Outcomes Through Language Supportive Textbooks and Pedagogy in Rwanda” (one of 26 innovative pilot projects that were supported by the Innovation for Education Fund) whose aim was to change the nature of Rwandan primary school textbooks so that they are easier to read and understand by both learners and teachers, who are learning English as a second language). There is also “Fostering a Social Practice Approach to Adult literacies for improving People’s Quality of Life in Western Rwanda” (sponsored by the Scottish Government) ; and “The Impact of Language of Instruction on Students’ Academic Performance in Educational Institutions in Rwanda” (sponsored by the University of Rwanda).
His research interests include Bilingualism, Second Language Acquisition, Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages, Adult Literacies, Translation, Language Policy and Planning, Distance Education and other related fields.
Phone number : (+250) (0) 788537811 ; Email address : id.mukama@gmail.com


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