07 Dec 2020

This is under the responsibilities of Career Guidance and Employability Specialist.
The main responsibility of Career Guidance and Employability Specialist is to mentor, guide, support and coach individuals and groups of students to become the best they can be both in academic and real life. It is the right of every student in the college to be properly mentored and guided in the journey to success. All students are encouraged to visit the office of Career Guidance and Employability when they need support.
To achieve its mission, the office of Career Guidance and Employability organizes various programs including :
1. Induction week and mentorship program
The first week of every academic year is dedicated to inducting and integrating new students in the community. During induction week, programs are organized to make sure every student knows the services that are there to support him/her in the academic and social life in the campus. Every student is assigned an academic mentor who supports him/her in the entireacademic life.
2. Personal development plan
Personal development workshops are regularly organized to equip students with knowledge and skills of personal development planning. During the workshop, students are trained on how to assess themselves and know which potential. They are trained on how to set Personal Development Goals, set the strategies to achieve those goals and how to monitor the progress in achieving Personal Development Goals. The workshops are organized in consideration of other academic duties ; timetable of the workshops is set in a way that do not inconveniences classes. All students are eligible to register and participate free of charge.
3. Guidance and Coaching sessions
Students with learning difficulties are identified and refereed to the Career Guidance and Employability specialist. Through coaching session, those students are supported to identify and find sustainable solutions to the root cause of the difficulties. During the coaching sessions, students are guided in setting personalized specific strategies to achieve academic success. All students are encouraged to visit the career office for coaching.
4. Peer Advisors Program.
The Peer Advisor Programhas been designed to cater for the huge demand in career guidance and counselling. The program trains students and equip them with knowledge and skills in career guidance. The trained students work hand in hand with the career guidance specialist as volunteers and give guidance services to their fellow students.

5. Industrial Attachment
As requirement for the award of degree or diploma, students are required to have practical experience of teaching in secondary school. The office of Career Guidance and Employability in collaboration with School Attachment Coordinator is responsible of finding suitable school and placement of students for school attachment. During the entire period of School Attachment, our students are guided by a School Based Mentor who supports them in their daily life as Student-Teacher. Our academic staff monitor their progress and give necessary support via online communication and they also make a visit for Assessment.
For more information, the office of career guidance is open during the working hours. The Career Guidance Specialist is available online at e.turikumana@ur.ac.rw / etienme@gmail.com or on telephone : +250785582696


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