Message to the UR CE Inclusive community on COVID 19 Prevention- Beata UWINYANGE

25 Feb 2021

Message to the UR CE Inclusive community on COVID 19 Prevention-

As a passionate teacher of Rwandan Sign Language (RSL) in the School of Inclusive and Special Needs Education( SISNE) at the University of Rwanda’s-College of Education, M’s Beata UWINYANGE like all staff and students of the school, is concerned about the wellbeing of people with disabilities in the UR Community. It is for this reason that she conducts RSL interpretations on different media in Rwanda.

M’s Uwinyange Beata, Teacher of the RSL at UR-CE, SISNE

She is often called upon by different TVs to interpret (in Rwandan Sign language) for the Deaf and hard of hearing community, who deserve, as a matter of right, to be rightly informed of the pandemic that endangers every citizen. She is always very happy to support as the country and the world in general is engulfed in a fierce fight against the pandemic.
However, still concerned about UR Deaf and Hard-of-hearing students and staff deprived of popular media, she has decided to elaborate a message in the RSL on Covid-19 prevention measures, aimed at this marginalized community.
“I have come up with the idea that, this time of COVID-19 pandemic I need to prepare a sensitization message towards its prevention, teaching and encouraging students and staff to continue observing the measures put in place by the Ministry of Health while on Campuses and outside because the pandemic is still at large and killing without mercy’’, M’s Uwinyange noted.
She underlined that she wished to convey this message as a contribution of an expert in the Rwandan Sign Language and a duty of a staff of University of Rwanda’s School of Inclusive and Special Needs. ‘’I want our inclusive community to be safe and secure from the pandemic’’, M’s Uwinyange adds. This is her message in RSL :
‘’Dear UR Students and Staff, as you know, Rwanda and the world in general are challenged by COVID19 pandemic. Each and everybody needs to fight against this pandemic by observing prevention measures put in place by the Ministry of Health in Rwanda. Please Wear face masks properly, Wash your hands regularly with water and soap, or use hands sanitizers, do not shake hands with other people or hug each other and observe social distancing.’’ Click here and watch the video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JQeTvhIhz08.

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