Inside the UR Rukara Campus Multimedia Studio-A Breakthrough for Online Learning

14 Jul 2021

The use of the Multimedia Studio at UR Rukara Campus has contributed to improving the quality of e-learning materials and facilitated teaching and learning remotely. It is located on the third floor in the new Classrooms Building. The Studio is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and softwares to meet a variety of media production needs : professional video cameras, camera lights, sound recorders, screens, computers, among others.

The establishment of this Multimedia Studio was aimed at facilitating lecturers to produce multimedia materials for enhanced e-learning content in a quest to improve the quality of education. The materials include texts, photographs and other still images, audio files, video presentations, GIFs and other forms of animation. These are incorporated in the lecture notes, to make them more interactive, and uploaded on UR e-Learning Platform where they are accessed by students.

The Studio has also facilitated the University of Rwanda-College of Education to conduct teaching and learning activities remotely amid the outbreak of Covid-19. With travel restrictions, lecturers are enabled to interact with their students enrolled in the Distance Training programme (DTP) based on their respective Open Distance and eLearning (ODeL) Centers ; namely, UR Huye, Rusizi, Busogo, Nyarugenge and Rukara Campuses. Also, despite hard moments of Covid19, the two last induction events for DTP students were relayed from the Studio.

Furthermore, the facility was used to accommodate the Grid Innovation Incubation Hub organized from 14th -18th September 2020 by the UR Centre for Energy based at the College of Science and Technology. “The Studio was used to communicate with people from California, Sweden, Germany, Finland, Ghana, Nigeria, DRC…without any problem, ’’ noted Mr. Pascal Nyilingango, Lecturer at UR-CBE and Head of Grid Innovation Incubation Hub.

The UR Rukara Campus Multimedia Studio was established in 2019 with the support of UNESCO-KFIT(Korea Foundation in Trust ) project on ‘’ICT Transforming Education in Africa’’ and is managed by the Centre for Open Distance and eLearning ( CODeL).

Story by

Ntirandekura Schadrac,


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