“I want to demonstrate that disability is not inability” –UR student Pacifique Ndungutse

18 May 2022

Persons with disabilities are often stigmatized and associated with failures that contribute to lowering their self-esteem. However, Mr. Pacifique Ndungutse, a UR-CE student with visual impairment is an exception. He is a highly motivated boy with an excellent academic record. He wants to demonstrate that disability in not inability.

Mr. Pacifique Ndungutse, aged 26, is a year 3 student in Swahili-English with Education in the School of Inclusive and Special Needs Education. He lost his sight due a serious eye disease when he was 15. His academic record indicates that has never got less than 70% in class. He attended Saint Mary Secondary School, then HVP Gatagara/ Rwamagana Secondary School.

“At secondary school, we experienced a shortage of learning materials adapted to students with visual impairment, but I did my best to catch up. I was used to getting support from my fellow students and asked questions to my teachers,’’ he said.

When asked about his choice for university studies, he replied “I have had in mind to establish a school for students with special educational needs after seeing that many children with disabilities do not get chance to attend school. So, I want to support in this area. I want to demonstrate that persons with disabilities are able to contribute to the country’s development in any way or another like other people. So, I am very proud to pursue education, because it will empower me.’’

He added “I am very proud to belong to the College of Education community. There is a friendly learning environment. When I want to go somewhere from a place to another for studies or any other reason, I am supported by my colleagues. We are also happy with the different learning equipment and resources which facilitate us in learning.

Due to his intellectual and human qualities, Mr. Pacifique Ndungutse was chosen to be part of the current student’s leadership of UR-CE Rukara Campus. He is the Guild Minister of Persons with Disabilities.

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