Establishing a new pedagogy at UR from the reopening in mid-October 2020

16 Oct 2020

The management of the University of Rwanda (UR) acknowledges the sustained efforts and dedication demonstrated by colleagues during the process of digitizing instructional materials for all modules, which can now be delivered online.

Although the digitization of Learning, Teaching and Assessment (LTA) started some years ago at UR, with the Covid-19 outbreak there was an imperative to complete this exercise and we are all proud of the tangible achievements.

As we near the reopening, I would like to reiterate that UR will never go back to traditional face-to-face teaching as the sole mode of delivery ; the blended mode is here to stay. We have to leverage the laudable achievements in digitizing LTA activities, and as ready ourselves to resume on campus teaching and learning activities, taking into account all the support offered to academic staff through a series of trainings, the following pedagogical considerations should be taken for more details, download the attached file.



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