“Ces Orphelins rwandais chéris”[Woeful orphans from Rwanda]-a novel by Mr. Phocas Nkulikiyumukiza, a UR-CE Lecturer

14 Apr 2022

Mr. Phocas Nkulikiyumukiza, a lecturer at the University of Rwanda-College of Education, has recently published a novel in French titled “Ces Orphelins rwandais chéris”[ that can be translated as ‘’Woeful orphans from Rwanda”] by L’Harmattan under the pen name Lepic NSHAKIYUKO which is an anagram of Phocas NKULIKIYE a shortened form of Phocas NKULIKIYUMUKIZA. His novel is a story telling the mean exploitation of miserable orphans by some malicious people whereas they are supposed to be adoptive parents.

“I have noted orphans complaining against their adoptive parents as how they could not fulfill their studies whereas they had people who regularly provided them with consistent subsides and others who came to set their own families’’, the author replied when asked what motivated him to set to write. “The objective of this writing is to lash some adoptive parents who take orphans not to educate them but with the only desire of benefiting from different aids intended for them’’ -he underlined.

The author recommends those who decide to be adoptive parents of orphaned children to be more serious and take care of them properly and to be in general more respectful towards those children.

Mr.Phocas Nkulikiyumukiza, Lecturer and Writer

Mr Phocas Nkulikiyumukiza is currently a lecturer at the University of Rwanda-College of Education. He taught at the former National University of Rwanda since 1993. He holds a Master Degree in Education and a Bachelor’s Degree in French and African Languages and Linguistics. He also published monographs like Educational leadership and the Management of change in Higher Education : Implementation of Module-Based teaching and Learning at the National University of Rwanda, Research Report for the Masters Degree, Wits University, Johannesburg (2011), and “ Les formes d’injure en Kinyarwanda : une approche éthnolinguistique via Editions Universitaires Européennes.

He also wrote other novels in Kinyarwanda such as Yatashye atagomba, Tabaro or Mabuso mu masaka and textbooks published together with NKEJABAHIZI, J.C., RWAYITARE, P., KAKUZE, C. and KUBWIMANA F. Ikinyarwanda mu mashuri abanza 1, 2 and 3 (textbooks for Kinyarwanda learning in primary schools) Pupils books and teachers guide, among others.

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Public Relations and Community Engagement Officer
University of Rwanda-College of Education


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