‘’Be Intore, be patriotic, and be engaged with what the country aspires for’’-UR-CE Principal Prof. Njoroge

23 Jan 2020

The University of Rwanda-College of Education Principal Prof George K.Njoroge urged the new Guild Council Members as leaders to adhere to high principles and professional standards and doing so with consistency.
The call was made during the swearing-in ceremony of the new 21- member Council that resulted from fair and transparent elections recently organized on Rukara Campus by the outgoing Arbitration Committee.

New Guild Council Committee
Speaking on the occasion, Prof. Njoroge focused on issues of governance, voice and accountability and linked them with the National Strategy for Transformation (NST1).
He noted in the context of transformational governance that student governance is important, because students experience leadership opportunities.
According to him, by assuming their duties and responsibilities students’ leaders learn how to build relationships within teams, to define identities and to achieve tasks effectively.
He urged them to be grounded in ethics and integrity. He observed that their fellow students who placed them on those leadership positions did so, because they trusted them and he therefore asked them to keep on building that trust.

UR-CE Principal, Prof George K. Njoroge while delivering his remarks

The new students’ leaders were also encouraged to be sincere in the execution of their duties and responsibilities. ‘‘In leadership you must take hard decisions, and those hard decisions you take must be just and fair’’ Prof Njoroge said, adding that ‘‘when you execute your responsibilities you must look at beyond yourself.’’ ‘‘Be ‘Intore’, patriotic, and be engaged with what the country aspires for, ’’ he further added.
In conclusion, the Principal appreciated the former committee for hard work and assured continued support to the new one.
In their oath-taking, the members of Guild Council swore to execute their duties with honesty and diligence and promised to respect rules and regulations of the association, institution (University) and the country.
As it appears on the student’s governance structure, the new Executive Committee is composed of Mr. James MURENZI ( Guild President), Miss UMUTESI Claudine(Guild President) and Miss NIKUZE Jeannette(General Secretary).
The bearers of the positions of the Board of Representatives are : Mr. MUSINGUZI Peter (Speaker), Miss UWIZEYIMANA Basile (Vice-Speaker) and Miss MWIZA Mellon (Secretary).
Regarding the Arbitration Committee, Mr. NKUSI Christian, who presided over the elections process and the swearing in-ceremony, came in again as President. Other members are : Mr. SHYAKA Fred and Miss UWINEZA Yvonne who won the elections as Vice-President and Secretary respectively. Advisors to the Arbitration Committee are Mr. GAKURU Wilson and Miss MUTETERI Charlotte.
The portfolios of the Cabinet Ministers were won by : Miss MUHUMUZA Cate, Minister of Gender and Protocol ; Mr. KARAHA Dove, Minister of Planning & Production ; Mr. MUTETE Vianney, Minister of Security and Discipline ; Mr. NKURUNZIZA Josue, Minister of Sports and Culture ; Mr. BASHIMANDE Fabien, Minister of Education ; Mr. SHIMWE Dieudonne ; Minister of Information ; Mr. NZEYIMANA Claude, Minister of Social Affairs ; Mr. SHEMA Louis Bertin, Minister of Distance Learning ; Mr. NYAMWASA Charles, Minister of Finance ; Mr. GAHIMBARE J. Claude, Minister in charge of People with Disabilities.
In his inaugural address, the Guild President, Mr. James MURENZI, thanked his fellow students who voted for him for another mandate. He assured them to serve them all equally and promised to advocate for them in all fields of the University of Rwanda’s life.
Mr. MURENZI also thanked the Outgoing Committee for their effort and working toward a common goal. He also expressed his gratitude to the College administration for the unwavering support to the student’s leadership.

Some members of the outgoing Guild Council Committee who were awarded Certificates of Merit

On the same occasion, the Principal presided over the handing over of certificates of merit to the outgoing guild in recognition of their job well-done.
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