Academic Profile of Associate Professor Beatrice YANZIGIYE

13 Oct 2022

Academic Profile of Associate Professor Beatrice YANZIGIYE

Associate Professor
Department of Humanities and Language Education
University of Rwanda-College of Education
P.O Box 55 Rwamagana/Rwanda
Phone : +250 788504244
Email : yanzibeatrice@gmail.com

Research Interests
Language teaching in education and its impact on socioeconomic and on cultural industries Development.
Professional Achievements
• June 2020-May 2021 : Acting Deputy Vice Chancellor in Charge of Institutional Advancement
• 2020-2022 : Rwandan Journal of Education Scientific Committee Member
• 2013-2022 : UR-College of Education/School of Education Capacity Building Development Committee Member
• 2012-2022 : Academician at Rwanda Academy of Language and Culture(RALC)
• 2009-2022:Confucius Institute at UR-College of Education Board Member
• 2009- 2022:Member of College Academic Council & College Management Council
• 2002-2022 : Lecturer at Kigali Institute of Education(Former KIE) and now current UR-College of Education
• 2012-2022 : Scientific Committee Member of Synergies Afrique des Grands Lacs Journal
• 2018-2020 : University of Rwanda Language Management Scheme Committee Member
• 2019-2020 : Research Screening and Ethics Clearance Committee Member (RSEC-C)
• 2014 : Member of the Organizing Committee for Research Workshop and Exhibition of Research Findings
• 2009-2012 : KIE Board of Directors’ member
• 2010 : Council Member of the Centre for Gender, Culture Development

Educational Background
2009 : PhD in Comparative Literature at University of Michel de Montaigne /Bordeaux 3- France

2003 : Master Degree in Comparative Literature at University of Michel de Montaigne at Bordeaux 3/France

1998 : Bachelor Degree in French Language and Literature at National University of Rwanda (NUR)


• 2022 : Béatrice Yanzigiye & Mariam Abba(2022). Formation des instituteurs et enseignement/apprentissage bi-plurilingue : quelle place pour la littérature de jeunesse ? / Teacher Training and bipluringualteaching/learning : what place for the children literature ? GERFLINT Journal (Synergies Afrique des Grands Lacs)/Numéro 11-2022p.117-132. Paris. France. Online ISSN 2260-4278. Print ISNN 2258-4307.

• 2019 : Julia Ndibnu-Messina Ethé & Yanzigiye Béatrice(2019). L’usage des réseaux sociaux dans l’enseignement de la morphosyntax à l’université/The use of social networks in teaching of morphosyntax at the university. GERFLINT Journal (Synergies Afrique des Grands Lacs)/Numéro 8/Année 2019. Paris.
France. Online ISSN 2260-4278. Print ISNN 2258-4307. p.73-93
• 2018 : Julia Ndibnu-Messina Ethé & Béatrice Yanzigiye (2018).Camfranglais/Kinyafranglais et enseignement des langues secondes et/ou étrangères dans les lycées de Yaoundé et de Kigali : détection des inférences sur Facebook et tentative de remédiation des erreurs in REVUE DELLA AFRIQUE.
ISBN 978-2-9537299-3-1 Sous la direction de Koffi Ganyo AGBEFFLE & Karen FERREIRA-MEYERS. Editeur : Observatoire Européen du Plurilinguisme (O.E.P.), Paris. France. p. 391-412
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Link : https://doi.org./10.1080/02602938.2018.1436688
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• 2015 : Yanzigiye Béatrice(2015).Les langues étrangères dans le processus changement des mentalités au Rwanda in Revue Synergies Afrique des Grands Lacs)/Numéro 4/Année 2015. Paris. France. Online (26 March 2015) ISSN 2260-4278. Print ISNN 2258-4307. p.41-50
• 2014 : Yanzigiye Beatrice, Kong Lingyuan & Stamback (2014).Rwandans Studying Chinese. A Case Study at University of Rwanda-Confucius Institute in the Rwandan Journal of Education. ISSN : 2312-9239. (On-line). Print ISSN 2227-9148. Volume 2 No 2, p.85-95
• Yanzigiye Beatrice & Niyomugabo Cyprien (2013). La pratique sociale du Rwanda (article) in GERFLINT Journal (Synergies Afrique des Grands Lacs). Paris. France. ISSN : 2258-4307). Publication on- line : 2260-4278
• Yanzigiye Beatrice, Kong Lingyuan, Niyomugabo Cyprien and Zeng Guangyu. (August 2012). Kinyarwanda- English-Chinese Dictionnary. Hong Kong. China. ISBN 978-988-79163-8-3/Z 1139
• A joint research on National University of Rwanda (NUR) Gender Consultancies : Baseline survey, Strategic and Action Plan, December, 2010.

Personal Statement
I started my teaching career at the Kigali Institute of Education (KIE) in February 2002. Kigali Institute of Education was established in 1999 with a mandate of training well and producing qualified teachers for Rwandan secondary schools. From then, I noticed that my students were eager to learn and to know the official languages (English and French) of teaching, learning and working. As I had recently finished my Bachelor’s Degree in French Language and Literature, I immediately felt challenged. As an assistant lecturer, I joined other French teachers to develop and implement strategies and methods for teaching French language. I first went through the teaching material (books, didactic materials…) to adapt it to the cultural understanding of the students because until then, French language and culture teaching books were only made reference to cities, provinces, schools and tourist sites in France. I then organized intensive classes whose mission was to develop students ‘oral and written expression.
In 2003, after only one year as lecture, I got scholarship to start my third cycle of studies (PhD). In November the same year, after producing a research PhD proposal, this training was sanctioned by a Degree of Advanced Studies (DEA/Masters) in French studies, Francophones and Comparative Literature at Michel de Montaigne University/Bordeaux 3 in France.
In 2004, I obtained a postgraduate scholarship extension for PhD at the same university.
Between 2004 and 2008, as I gained experience in teaching language and literature my department at KIE gave me a workload that required more expertise.
In 2009, I obtained my PhD and I was immediately promoted by the Kigali Institute of Education to the academic rank of Lecturer upon completion of my studies. In the same year 2009, I was appointed the Director of the Confucius Institute in Rwanda. This was after trainings in the management of these kind of institutes. Related to this position, I coordinate and supervise teaching classes of the language and Chines culture where a population of 5000 students in 13 teaching sites across the country.
Since 2016, as a member of the UR-College of Education “mentorship” program committee, we guided to new staff and students, the UR Academic regulations, studies and examination procedures. The mentorship program has clear terms of reference such as establishment of guidelines, allocation of mentors to students, establishment of technical and professional advisory groups ; assessment and evaluation of teaching under outlined theme ; and also examination of mentorship reports in order to provide advice and recommendations. For undergraduate students, this program embraces many areas of civic education. It is a learning platform for cultural values such as love of homeland and culture of entrepreneurial spirit. In this context, from that time up to date, I am particularly responsible for establishing female student’s wellness room and sensitizing young girls to avoid unwanted pregnancies, sexual Transmittal Diseases and also to protect themselves against sexual violence and more. In this exchange forum, I give them advice on how to successfully complete their studies and to think about building a bright future with self-esteem.
2022 : I am the Chairperson of the UR-CE/Rukara Campus Task Team on Students’ Reproductive Health and unplanned pregnancies with the following terms of reference (1) Conduct an assessment on current reproductive health and unplanned pregnancies cases at Rukara campus ; (2) Analyze the status of students ‘life at and outside the campus ;(3)Find consequences and challenges of the recorded cases and (4) Formulate some recommendations for better management of recorded cases.
From 2012 up now, in the extra curricula activities, being a member of Rwanda Academy of Language and Culture, with other academicians and competent staff of this institution, I participated the witting and publication of two collective books titled successively” Inkingi z’umuco w’uRwanda zihutisha iterambere” (2016) and Mimuri : Urugo rw’Umwami MUTARA III RUDAHIGWA (2016). These two books actually show the interdependence between cultural values and sustainable development of the country.
From 2014 until today, I coordinate literacy /numeracy (Kinyarwanda-English-French& Kiswahili languages) and basics of ICT skills teaching sessions to the surrounding populations of the College of Education at Gasabo, Kayonza and Nyagatare Districts.
Since April 2018, I am a member of the Innovative Project” Language Skills and Literacy enhancement as a support to STEM Education” and one of the Team researchers. The project focuses on the basis of Rwandan cultural practices (Imikorongiro) to show the interconnection between them and the day-to-day life activities.
From 2015 until 2019 and also in 2022, I chaired and coordinate the College of Education Genocide against Tutsi commemoration Committee. The Kwibuka (22, 23, 24, 25 and 28) activities mainly include working together as staff and students to carry out compassionate actions to support vulnerable genocide survivors, organizing public lectures and conferences under the themes proposed by the National Commission for the fight against Genocide (CNLG) and current by the Ministry of Ubumwe bw’Abanyarwanda n’uburere mboneragihugu (MINUBUMWE).
From 2021, I am a member, Task Leader and Gender Mainstreaming Focal Person of the Transformative Higher Education and Lifelong Learning for Sustainable Growth(TELLS) Project under the financial support of NORAD through NORHED II Program.
From September 2022, I am the Principal Investigator of the “Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie ”(AUF) research Grant Committee. The research project titled : << De la formation initiale au dispositif du maintien/attrition des enseignant.e.s au Rwanda : enjeux et perspectives >> for a duration of 18 months with effect from the signature of the financial contract between the Director General of AUF and The Vice Chancellor of University of Rwanda.


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