28 Nov 2022


Jean Bosco TWAHIRWA, Master of Curriculum and Instruction
Assistant Lecturer
Department of Humanities and Language Education/ Centre for Language Enhancement
University of Rwanda-College of Education, PO Box 55 Rwamagana
Phone : +250788847184
Email : jeanboscotwahirwa72@gmail.com Or twahijean@yahoo.fr
ORCID : https://orcid.org/0000-0002-0373-0012

TWAHIRWA Jean Bosco holds Master’s Degree in Curriculum and Instruction with specialization in language teaching obtained in 2015 at University of Rwanda/College of Education. He is also a holder of Bachelor of French-English with Education obtained at the same Institution (the then Kigali Institute of Education) in 2004. He also completed PGCLTHE programme (Postgraduate in Curriculum, Teaching and Learning in Higher Education) at UR/College of Education. He occupies the position of Assistant Lecturer in the Department of Humanities and Language Education at UR/ College of Education since November, 2015. He is a course facilitator of three modules : EGP1111(English for Specific Purposes), ESP2112 (English for Specific Purposes), and EAP3113 (English for Academic Purposes).

TWAHIRWA Jean Bosco has served as Tutorial Assistant at University of Rwanda/College of Education (the then Kigali Institute of Education) since 2009 on part-time basis and later on became full time employee in 2012. He taught in various institutions of Higher Learning on part time basis including INES Ruhengeri where he was delivering two Modules : English for Specific Purposes and Business English. Twahirwa Jean Bosco also taught Communication Skills and Professional Writing Skills at the newly created institution of higher learning named Muhabura Integrated Polytechnic College (MIPC).

Research interests
 Competence-Based Curriculum implementation in Rwandan schools
 English language teaching in Rwanda

Academic works
1. Thesis
Analysis of the scope and instructional methods of Ordinary Level English Language Curriculum of five schools in Musanze District, Unpublished Master Thesis, University of Rwanda/College of Education, 2014.

2. Journal articles
Tabaro, C & Twahirwa,J.B.()Analysis of language of instruction-related challenges encountered by Rwandan primary school pupils and teachers at Cyuve School (G. S.CYUVE). Accessed at www.ijcar.net
Bazimaziki, G.,Mukadisi,F. Nyirahabimana,A. &Twahirwa,J.B. (2019). Analysis of Students’ Errors in Summative Evaluation : A Corpora Based Research. International Journal of Literature, Language and Linguistics, 3(2) : 225-233. Available online.
Twahirwa, J.B , Bazimaziki, G. , Mukadisi, F.& Nyandwi, G.(2020).Towards effective Teaching and learning ESP in mixed classes : Students’ interest, challenges and remedies. International Journal of English Literature and Social Sciences, 5(2) DOI : 10.22161/ijels.52.27
Bazimaziki, G.,Mukadisi,F. Nyandwi, G. &Twahirwa,J.B. (2020). Means Towards the end : Enhancing Language Skills through Collaborative assignments in Literature in English. . International Journal of English Literature and Social Sciences, 5(2. DOI : 10.22161/ijels.52.26
Bazimaziki, G.,Mukadisi, F. &Twahirwa,J.B. (2019). Acquired Human Violence and Taught Humanhood in South African Fiction : A Perspectivism of the Protagonists in Alex La Guma’s a Walk in the Night and Peter Abrahams’ Mine Boy. Accessed online at https://www.researchgate.net/

3. Book chapter
Niyibizi, E., Sibomana, E., Manirakiza, V., Ndayambaje, I., Twahirwa, J.B. & Ntabajyana, S. (2021). Quality internship for pre-service teachers : A quest for subject-curricular pedagogic knowledge a mong education student-teachers at the University of Rwanda. In Quality Assurance in Higher Education in Eastern and Southern Africa : Regional and Continental Perspectives (1st Ed.) Neema-Abooki, P. (Ed) ISBN 9780367692834, Routledge, 308p. B/W Illustrations. Online at https://www.taylorfrancis.com/chapters/edit/10.4324/9781003141235-11/quality-internship-pre-service-teachers-epimaque-niyibizi-emmanuel-sibomana-vincent-manirakiza-ir%C3%A9n%C3%A9e-ndayambaje-jean-bosco-twahirwa-sylvestre-ntabajyana


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