Delegation of students from Kent State (US) briefed on the history of Rwanda at the College of Education

In the framework of existing partnership between the Kent State University (KSU) based in OHIO (US) and the University of Rwanda(UR),  the College of Education hosted the visit of a delegation of students from KSU. The delegation was led by Professor Leslie Heaphy, accompanied by the Coordinator of Global Initiative, Sarah Schmidt,

The delegation was officially welcomed to the School of Education by Professor Cyprien Niyomugabo who is the Dean of the School. The members of the delegation held an interactive session with academic staff teaching History in the Department of Humanities and Language Education; namely Dr. Philibert Gakwenzire and Mr. Runyange Albert. In attendance were also year three students taking History-Geography with Education and the Guild President, Mr. James Murenzi.

A section of KSU delegation during the interactive session


The discussions focused on the lectures presented by Dr. Philibert Gakwenzire and profess sor Leslie Heaphy, respectively on the’’ Rwanda-Post Genocide: Achievements and Challenges’’ and ’’ American Diversity’’.

In his lecture, Dr. Philibert Gakwenzire gave a background to the Genocide against the Tutsi focusing on its causes, its preparation and execution, the challenges faced by the country and the rebuilding process. He argued that the Genocide against the Tutsi was a result of the divide and rule policies of the colonial masters, unfortunately pursued and perfected by the Rwanda post-independence bankrupt leaders.

Dr. Gakwenzire noted that the establishment of a broad-based government of National Unity by RPF, which was representative of the Rwandan people, inspired confidence to them and therefore became the corner-stone of the rebuilding process.

In her lecture, Professor Heaphy highlighted on key achievements of USA going far back to its discovery and settlement and their associated challenges. According to her ‘’there is beauty in diversity provided leaders are visionary to the point of identifying weaknesses and address them rightfully’’

The delegation also toured the Campus facilities that included School of Inclusive and Special Needs Education (SISNE)’s Resource Room and the Centre for People with Disabilities. The Dean of the School, Dr. Karangwa Evariste briefed the visitors on  how the school assists students with disabilities in their learning.


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The agreement between UR and KSU covers major areas of partnership that include among others; sharing of content, knowledge and expertise; mutual research and teaching on the themes of contemporary of History of Rwanda, genocides and mass violence; digital interaction; students exchange and professional development opportunities in the area of Peace and Conflict management.

Members of the delegation from KSU, UR-CE academic staff and students posing for a group photo

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