On Tuesday, August 8th, 2018, the Principal of the University of Rwanda, College of Education, Prof. George K.NJOROGE, held a meeting with the College of Education academic staff in the meeting hall.

The meeting was also attended by senior managers that included; the Dean, School of Education, Prof. NIYOMUGABO Cyprien; the Dean, School of Inclusive and Special Needs Education, Dr. KARANGWA Evariste; the Director of Operations, Mr. James NGOGA; Dr. MUHIRWA Andre, Director, Centre for Teaching and Learning Enhancement; the Director, Centre for Open and Distance e-Learning, Dr. NDUWINGOMA Mathias; the College Registrar, Madam UWIZEYE Odette and the Executive Assistant to the Principal, Mr. BIGABO Fiston.

UR-CE Principal addressing academic staff

The purpose was to update academics   on the state of the College and enable   staff to have a common understanding on challenges facing the College and the efforts made so far to address them as well as the preparedness for the academic year 2018-2019.

Prof. George K.NJOROGE reminded  staff that the College of Education was a  one Campus College since it no longer had students at Remera Campus as opposed to the academic year 2017-2018.He therefore remarked that Rukara Campus was indisputably the headquarters of the University of Rwanda, College of Education.

Participants were taken through different issues which impeded on the effective delivery of the College services throughout the academic year 2017-2018 and the efforts so far made to address them. These included among others;

  • the insufficient facilities for teaching and learning. It was observed that the construction works of the new classroom building have been completed and was awaiting reception.
  • the fluctuation of electricity; it was noted that  the College had undertaken to acquire a 1000 KVA transformer. This, as explained by the Principal, was due to the fact that the existing 100 KVA transformer could no longer serve both the Campus and the surrounding community due to increase in consumption of electricity since the relocation. The positive side is that the relocation had spurred social and economic development in the area.
  • Low bandwidth internet connection; it was noted that this problem will  be addressed through increase of the bandwidth;
  • insufficient water supply;  the construction of a 200,000 cubic meters tank has been planned;
  • the insalubrious walkways within the Campus. Participants were informed that pavement was also planned for this fiscal year.
  • lack of sport facilities for Physical Education and Sports. Physical Education staff were tasked with the development of a plan which would be used as reference by the team doing the works assessment.

Some sections of the participants

Some sections of the participants

Participants were also reminded and given an update on important decisions and or instructions which need to be adhered to as required. These are a mong others;

  • Staff performance contracting by every staff ;
  • Uploading of all modules on the e-learning platform ;
  • Only planned activities captured in the 2018-2019 action plan and budgeted for will be considered; obviously , unplanned activities will not be considered;
  • Exams and marking scheme blueprints must be submitted before the beginning of the academic year 2018-2019;
  • The use of English language is mandatory in the University of Rwanda and it is a requirement that all communications with the students be made in English. This will go a long way in promoting English Language skills amongst the College population.


Prof George NJOROGE remarked that, the College of Education, as the champion of education, must take the lead in improving English proficiency among its students. To this end, the meeting was informed that a team chaired by Dr. NGOBOKA Jean Paul has been tasked to champion English language use campaign in the College.

  • Programs will need to be reviewed to ensure that School attachment is integrated in within the programs rather than being conducted at the end of the study program as is the case at present;
  • A demonstration school has to be established by the College of Education in order to help impart to the trainee learners sufficient practical skills of teaching and learning; and be the centre of excellence for quality education practices.
  • Staff were informed about the new HR forms which every staff will be required to use while looking for particular services;
  • Junior staff were asked to take scholarships opportunities that are normally advertised seriously while senior staff should endeavour to mentor the juniors.
  • Staff were informed that the University was taking all necessary measures to liquidate all arrears owed to its staff;
  • Staff also were informed that CE was partnering with REB to offer PDGE and PSCE to unqualified teachers with effect from January 2019.
  • Staff  were also updated on developments of the RUSIZI Campus which will host the School of Interdisciplinary Studies in which every College of the University of Rwanda will be required to offer programs. Staff  were asked to cooperate on this matter and prepare the programs as required.

Participants were given room to ask questions and share their ideas to which managers present responded.

Staff were happy that such a meeting took place and expressed hope that such meetings will be taking place more often.


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Public Relations and Protocol Officer

University of Rwanda, College of Education