Students welfare


The Directorate of Students’ Welfare is a key link to student satisfaction, success, and retention also between UR-CE Management and the Students’ leadership through Students Union of UR. Its primary purpose is to assist students in developing and achieving their educational, career as well as personal goals for timely graduation, it offers Students’ general Welfare. The Directorate promotes safe and conducive environment for students in a bid to make success happen.

Its staff provides variety of services related to accommodation, health, sports, culture, associations and discipline. This page intends to present a brief description of each activity in each and every aspect of current social life as well as the future prospects.

The following are various services offered by this office:

  • In conjunction with Students’ representatives, wardens and in consultation with the CE Management, the directorate’s office provides accommodation to students living on campus at affordable rate alongside various facilitations.
  • Health care: The mentioned office monitors the activities of UR-CE Clinic and ensures that required healthcare services are available and accessible to all Students.
  • : The directorate’s office makes sure that the proper up keep, management and use of student catering facilities during and off semesters.
  • : This office is committed to developing students’ talents in various sports and cultural activities.
  • The DSW’s office sees to it that the students maintain discipline at all times while on and off Campus.
  • Every year, the DSW’s office makes sure that free and fair elections are conducted in Students Union. It also offers advice on modalities of formation of associations or Clubs.

The Directorate of Students Services has an administration office. It has also various services in charge of accommodation, sports and culture, and health. Its organizational structure can be presented as follows:

  1. Director of Students Welfare
  2. Health and safety officer
  3. 3 Wardens

UR-CE has 3 hostels to accommodate female and male students. So far, rooms on campus are limited compared to the current number of students we have for accommodation. Therefore, priority is accorded to Social cases including students that are physically or emotionally challenged e.g. students with disabilities as well as girls in first year including students’s union leaders etc...  

For the students’ accommodation, the Directorate of Students’ Welfare  prospects:

  • To prepare students accommodation policy
  • In order to ensure proper management of students’ hostels, we have three wardens 1 female and 2 male.
  • For students’ entertainment after classes, they shall be watching TV screens in their dining and other screens will be put in girl’s hostel.

The College has a clinic with 3 nurses. Students get their medication from the campus. These nurses provide various health services to promote and enhance good health and well-being of students that support student academic success and enhance the quality campus life. The services provided are like consultation, transfers and distribution of drugs.


To improve health care services,   we are planning to start the system of voluntary counseling and testing (VCT) as one of efficient way of stopping the spread of HIV/AIDS. Knowing one's HIV status and being able to discuss this anxiety-provoking subject with a trained professional, induces sustainable, positive behavioral change in both infected and uninfected people.


The VCT center is expected to serve at least 30 students and /or staff a day. It is planned that the clinic with collaboration of military Hospital will provide services Safe Male Circumcision (SMC) services and it will organize seminars about personal hygiene, STDs, early marriages, unwanted pregnancies, malaria and nutrition etc.

  • Sports

   - We are currently having volleyball, basketball, football and handball and Goal ball karate sports teams.

- Those teams will participate in friendly matches and championships at the national level.

-Inter-faculty or inter-promotion competitions will be regularly organized by the sports office in different games. Such competitions aim at selecting talents that can constitute a team likely to participate in national championships.

Future prospects

  • Construct of sports/courts ground to serve students for recreational and competitive purposes and also for income generation.
  • To organize other sports activities like tennis, rugby, netball and a variety of indoor games.
  • In order to meet the recreational sports needs for disabled students, appropriate infrastructure/facilities in order to nenable that category of people to develop their talents and participate in competitions.


  • Culture and leisure

The office of culture is in charge of planning and management of students’ activities related to culture and leisure.

  • It organizes events to promote talents of upcoming artists not only emphasize dance but on themes or topics related to the mission of UR-CE..
  • It organizes the culture events

Normally, cases of indiscipline are handled first by the Students Union, then by the Directorate of Students’ Welfare and if necessary, complicated cases can be transferred to the Students disciplinary Committee.

A student code of conduct has been elaborated to enable students to study and work in a quiet, respectful, and nonviolent atmosphere that is conducive to the pursuit and acquisition of knowledge.

Students are organized in general association referred to as Students Union of UR-CE Leaders of students unions are democratically elected by students in accordance with the existing guild constitution.

The Directorate encourages students to join the various clubs or to form new ones in the event that they can cater for both their academic and social welfare. Currently, the registered clubs and associations fall under the following categories: academic, religious, entertainment, environment, unity and reconciliation, HIV and AIDS, gender promotion, human rights, first aid, people with disabilities, genocide survivors, non violence, etc.

The list of those clubs is as follows:

1 National Clubs

2. International Clubs

3. Faith based Clubs