President Kagame calls on graduates to be innovative amid the UR 3rd Graduation ceremony

A total of 8500 were feted during the University of Rwanda Graduation. The graduation saw a range of graduands being conferred and awarded with PhDs, Postgraduates, Degrees and Diploma that are offered in different UR Colleges. The Ceremony was officiated by H.E Paul Kagame, the President of Republic of Rwanda.  

In his remarks, President Kagame expressed his gratitude to the entire University for their contribution in the education of those who graduated. He reminded graduates about the stiff competition on job market and therefore urged them to work hard for job creation and innovation for them to thrive.

“For our nation to prosper, people should be empowered and equipped with right skills and this is a responsibility of each and every citizen” Kagame said, adding that learning is never a completed mission but a continuous journey. 

Speaking on the occasion, Prof Phil Cotton the UR Vice Chancellor congratulated graduates and asked them to form a proper alumni of the University of Rwanda.  He also hailed the graduates and the UR students at large for their audacity in supporting one another and their contribution towards the welfare of the community.  

Among the speakers at the event was Mr Alexis Kagame who addressed the gathering on behalf of graduates. He commended the University of Rwanda for its outstanding support in the process of their studies while acknowledging the Government of Rwanda’s efforts in the education of its citizens. He also asked graduates to have belief in themselves which according to him will help them to reach their goals and ultimately fulfill their dreams.  

In the Course of 2016, the University of Rwanda through its six Colleges and fourteen Campuses produced 2 graduates with PhD, around 324 with Masters. Graduates with Postgraduate Certificates and Diploma were around 440 while 6395 graduated with Bachelor’s Degrees. Besides, More than 600 graduated with an Advanced Diploma and 687 with Diploma.

For the University of Rwanda-College of Education, the Open and Distance Learning produced 64 who were already teachers at various levels in the education system and were awarded Diploma in Education in different subjects. In addition, 623 graduated from Rukara Campus with Diploma in Education Upper Basic; this is an affiliated campus to UR- College of Education.

Besides, Bachelor of Education with Arts and languages, Science, Social Science and Business studies was conferred on 1010 candidates. These would be employed in secondary schools and Teacher Training Colleges.  

In other fields, following the College’s continued effort to professionalize teaching in tertiary schools, 229 received a Postgraduate Diploma in Education while 139 members of academic staff from different Institutions of Higher Learning graduated with Postgraduate Certificate in Learning and Teaching in Higher Education (PGCLTHE).    For the second time, Masters of Education was conferred upon 8 graduates.

All the Degrees and Diploma were awarded and conferred upon graduates by the University of Rwanda Chancellor, Dr  Mike  O’Neal.

By Darius Murangwa