Trained Maths And Science Teachers/Tutors On PBL Commit To Change Their Teaching Methodology

13 Mar 2023

In the move to strengthen the development of Mathematics and Science teachers in the Rwandan schools, the University of Rwanda-College of Education (UR-CE ) in collaboration with Rwanda Basic Education Board ( REB) introduced the Project-Based Learning ( PBL) approach. This initiative is supported by the Rwanda Quality Basic Education for Human Capital Development project, sub-component 1.2. The introduction of PBL aimed to enhance the implementation of the Competence- Based Curriculum(CBC). Teachers /tutors who have been trained on this new approach pledge to bring about change in their teaching methodology emphasizing on practical activities.

PBL is a teaching method in which students learn by actively engaging in real-world and personally meaningful projects. These projects engage students in solving a real-world problem or answering a complex question. Thus, the implementation of the CBC becomes more effective.

A section of participants during practical activity of Micro-bit project

Participants are thrilled for the good package of knowledge and skills gained from these trainings. Most of them are committed to change their methodology of teaching, which was dominated by the theory, to implement PBL approach for improved teaching and learning of Mathematics and Science.

Solange Urimube, Physics teacher at GS Muramba, Ngororero District said, "PBL training was very useful to me.For example in Macro-bit project, I learnt how sensors and micro-bit work. More interesting is that I have understood clearly Physics concepts that we teach like application of atmospheric pressure like hydraulic pump." She added, " I was using some videos and theories, but now I shall use sensors to demonstrate for my students how water moves from one level to another." She went on to say, " In energy transformation, I have understood how electrical energy is changed into mechanical energy." She further added, "This is really a very important thing because I was teaching it in theory. I am confident that my students will be excited to learn by hands-on activities. We shall be moving from the abstract to the concrete."

" Before this training, I used to teach more theories than practices. But I am now going to use the package acquired. I am going to teach Physics based on different projects. I will encourage my student- teachers to do and present their own projects. In my school we shall make projects which I think will only benefit the school but also the community, " noted Evariste Harerimana, a Physics teacher at TTC Rubengera, Karongi District.

The trainings on PBL benefited about 240 Mathematics and Science teachers/tutors from 16 TTC, 16 Model Schools and 30 Mathematics and Science for Sub-Saharan Africa ( MS4SSA) pilot schools conducted in 2 phases.

Story by

Ntirandekura Schadrac
Public Relations & Community Engagement Officer
University of Rwanda-College of Education


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