VVOB unveils new programs to intensify education access in Rwanda

In its quest to improve the quality and provide access to education, the Flemish Association for Development Cooperation and Technical Assistance (VVOB) has launched two major education programmes. The two programmes include Professional Learning Communities (PLC) in Education as well as School Leadership program (SL).

Speaking during the event, Dr Jef Peeraer, VVOB Programme Manager in Rwanda observed that the launch of the two programmes is geared towards addressing the issue of quality of education by upgrading teachers’ skills.  Jef added that the new move is set to invest more efforts in providing access to education and give life to children at Primary, secondary education while vocational training will not be left behind .  

“We are investing in the sector of Education because it saves lives” said Dr Jef Peeraer, adding that the new programs will give an impetus to in-service training to make it more professional and impactful.

In her presentation Chantal Kabanda Dusabe; VVOB Education Advisor and Coordinator of School Leadership said that the program has been designed after realizing that well trained schools managers are catalysts of change in education system. The program will also explore every ramification in education system including giving an emphasis on relationship outside the school and other extra-curricular activities. This will complement to the national school standards that the Government of Rwanda strives to achieve.

Chantal noted that starting from January, 2018 her program will kick off an intensive training program that will benefit at least 533 head teachers from Eastern and Western provinces. She added that the program is reckoned to be the best approach for parents and other stakeholders in education.

Stefaan Vande Walle is Education Advisor and the leader of Professional learning Communities program that seeks to explore solutions and improve education practices. According to Stefaan, the programme will engage parents and local communities while improving school inspection which will spur quality education and reduce the dropout rate among students. He added that the new program will also associate learners to ensure that they become part and parcel of the learning process.

The programmes will be run on the budget in the region of  12, 2 whose 1/3 portion will focus on international expertise and the remainder will cater for local expertise. VVOB is also injecting  4, 9 M to cater for teaching and learning in a span of 4 years from 2017-2021. It must also be pointed out that the organization has used  8, 2 M between 2014 and 2016 in early childhood education which reached 800,000 children.   

In collaboration with the University of Rwanda-College of Education, VVOB has been conducting trainings of Teacher Training Colleges (TTC) principals. These trainings sought among others to professionalize the teaching career in Rwanda by assisting tutors to revisit their teaching methods in order to equip students with problem solving skills. 

Story by Darius Murangwa 
Public Relations & Communication Officer